Physionic Community
Physionic Community
Nicolas Verhoeven

Welcome to the Physionic Community!

Where open, intellectually honest science discussion of our health occurs.

Physionic Community:

The Physionic Community is a free resource for everyone and anyone to engage in respectful dialogue over health matters in a science based way.

Your Free benefits:

1. Community Forums (to discuss with me and others of the community)!

2. A library of organized, free content!

3. Opportunity to make Topic Suggestions for Investigation!

4. Make your voice heard through Polls on Future Investigations!

5. Behind the Scenes Access!


Physionic Insiders:

If you're the type of person that wants anĀ intellectually honest, transparent, and detailed understanding of how to improve your health and performance, then the Physionic Insiders is for you. This exclusive community not only includes access to me, but also offers access to likeminded people who may going through the same situation as you. Still, the benefits extend far beyond community, albeit important - see what else is available to you:

Your Insider Benefits:

You want to know what to do, the scientific reasoning based on transparent data, detailed explanations of the mechanisms, and opportunities to engage with me (and the community) unlike what you find in the public community, then welcome to the Physionic Insiders!